why every parent (person) should love Disney.

The air changes. The shocks of joy, adoration, love, and hope jolt thru my body when I hear Ned Washington and Leigh Harline’s “When You Wish Upon a Star” and see a beloved girl with a missing shoe’s castle. It’s Disney Magic. You can find it across the theme park, plot lines, and toys.

The mouse has something. Disney figured out how to incorporate small and tremendous life lessons into every Princess story written. As a girl, I soaked it up. As a parent, I do nothing but try to identify and mimic for my girls.

I won’t give Disney, its staff, its Imagineers nor the moms (and dads) who support it enough credit. I can’t. At least not in this post. That will be in the novel I will write when life slows down. Coming soon, “Disney & How I Parent” by Elizabeth Doren.

So here it is. My list of why we should love Disney. This post is not written for the people who already love Disney. I’ve lost those readers. They are already thinking about their own custom mouse ears and favorite Disney songs. This is written for the parents who do not have a savings account earmarked for Orlando. Parents who are trying to figure out what all the “hype” is about.

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Why Every Parent Should Love Disney:

  •  Magic. I’ve already mentioned it. There’s something about Mickey Mouse even the most cynic (Elizabeth Doren) can’t complain about. Think back to when a pet was a sidekick instead of another mouth to feed. You remember when your future was filled with possibility instead of responsibility? I have no idea how Disney does it.
  • Storylines. We recently took our two-year-old to see Moana (a post onto itself). Visually it was a dream. We watched it in 11-degree weather and I felt the heat from the islands. The story of a young girl following her heart, her dream albeit unpopular is one I can only hope my daughter soaked up. I adore there was no love interest nor Moana needing a man to solve her problem (like many Disney princesses of late). Think about it. Do you want to raise a strong (Mulan), independent (Belle, Moana, Ariel, Rapunzel) and smart (all of them) daughter then she should be watching Disney movies. Do you want to raise a kind (Peter Pan), romantic (Beauty & the Beast, Frozen), and smart son (all of them), then he should be watching Disney movies.
  • Safety. There is nothing like Disney (as previously stated). I think part of the magic as a parent is eliminating the safety concerns at the part. Go with me on this. Park staff members are required to squat and speak to children. It helps ease speaking to an adult. There is undercover staff walking the park to ensure safety. Disney has a police and fire station on the property. There’s also what’s called a Mickey After Dark program. Crew tests all the rides and if it’s not cleared by this team then it’s not opening the next day.
  • Cleanliness. Did you know you cannot buy a stick of gum anywhere on Disney property? You can see the difference. Disney just feels cleaner.

Working parents should love Disney. Uniting the family over a vacation, a Friday night movie or a Disney-themed game night helps everyone forget the stress of work, school, and countless activities. It’s Disney magic.

So back to the Disney lovers, why DO we love Mickey and the gang so much?